The 爱游戏app苹果下载 seeks to promote principles of sustainability 而且 social responsibility in their broadest sense.  通过教学, 研究 而且 knowledge exchange activities we will promote sustainable communities, services 而且 use of physical resources.




University staff sign a sustainability accord

Agreed in February 2008 而且 reviewed annually by the Board the 爱游戏app苹果下载 sets out how it will promote sustainable communities through our teaching, 研究, 而且 knowledge exchange activities in a detailed policy. We will foster a culture that values sustainability in arts 而且 culture 而且 promotes social enterprise in the region. 

One of the University's core values is to promote sustainable development 而且 active engagement with the community 而且 fully accept our broad responsibilities to society. We are committed to continually improve our environmental performance 而且 we have an environmental management system (ISO14001:2015, EcoCampus 而且 能源 Management System ISO 50001:2018) to achieve this in a structured way.  

We have performance indicators to help us to assess our current 而且 future level of sustainability performance. 爱游戏app已经签署了 西班牙协议 并 reporting annually our progress on the UN Sustainable Development Goals. This enables us to benchmark our performance against similar institutions 而且 sector st而且ards. Objectives 而且 targets have been set to have a positive impact on society as well as to prevent pollution 而且 mitigate the University’s negative environmental impacts.  

下载并阅读爱游戏app的全文 可持续发展政策.          

下载及阅读爱游戏app的 2020-2030年可持续发展战略 

‘可持续性 at the 爱游戏app苹果下载 – a message from the VC 而且 the 可持续发展署署长 to our staff 而且 students. 


The University established a 可持续发展策略小组, 包括学生, 学术, service department 而且 union representation, in 2005, chaired by Academic Lead for 可持续性.  

读了 职权范围及成员资格 委员会的. Its reporting route is via University Executive Board 而且 the Board of Governors Audit committee receive an annual report.

The 可持续发展署署长 acts as a focal point for all aspects of sustainability within the University 而且 works to develop local, 区域, national 而且 international networks to further the sustainability agenda.  


We produce an annual sustainability report which summaries our activities 而且 performance against quantitative 而且 qualitative targets each 学术 year. Here we report on progress of our annual targets for last 学术 year 2020-21. Loreus have undertaken an independent verification of this 可持续性 Report (2020-21) which has been prepared in accordance with the core option of the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) 可持续性 Reporting St而且ard. The scope of Loreus’ verification covers the data 而且 information used to evaluate the University’s sustainability performance for the period 1st 2020年8月- 31日st 2021年7月.      

Our Annual 可持续性 Report has been a Green Gown winner in the Reporting with Influence category in 2020.